Hyper-V: The Connection to the Virtual Machine was Lost

Tags: Hyper-V, Troubleshooting

This one came out of nowhere.  I was running a few virtual machines in Hyper-V one night and didn’t have any problems whatsoever.  The next day I was able to start up (I had not yet connected to them) the same virtual machines without issue.  However, once I was connected to them, I kept getting disconnected repeatedly.  I would reconnect and be able to work in the virtual machine for a bit, but then I’d get disconnected again.  This was happening at various intervals with no distinguishable pattern.  It was also not just one virtual machine; it was all of them!

I found the solution that worked for me on Nathan Evans’ WordPress Blog here:  http://nbevans.wordpress.com/2011/03/05/solved-hyper-vs-vmconnect-tool-sporadically-losing-connection-to-vm/.

Basically, the network adapter being used by the virtual machines had its IPV6 option disabled.  Since enabling it, my virtual machines have been up and running without any more connectivity issues.

A big thanks to Nathan Evans for taking the time to blog about his issue and provide enough information about the resolution!