Copy SharePoint List Items and Include Version History

Tags: Development, SharePoint 2007, Troubleshooting

This takes me back.  Myself and a colleague of mine, Marc Gusmano, were tasked with
allowing a client to copy data from one SharePoint list to another and include the version
history of each item for compliance reasons.  This was back in 2009 and of course involved
SharePoint 2007.  You can find more information regarding this issue by reading
related SharePoint forum thread

In any case, I finally found the old source code and wanted to post it for folks to use as
they see fit.  As always, use this information at your own risk.  I’m not able to post the full
solution and you'll see that some list titles and things are hard-coded, which is not ideal.

It's been a long time and I've moved my website.  The code can now be found via the links below:

  1. IssueArchiverFeatureReceiver.cs -
  2. IssuesItemEventReceiver.cs -