Connecting to MICROSOFT##SSEE

Tags: SQL, Troubleshooting


I’m working on a WSS 3.0 box and it’s completely out of disk space due to the database logs being full in the SharePoint_AdminContent database.  For some reason, the genius who installed SharePoint on this box (which is hosting a client’s training registration portal) didn’t bother installing SQL Server or doing anything the right way.  Hooray for SharePoint n00bs!

To fix the problem, I opened SQL Server Management Studio and attempted to connect to SERVERNAME\MICROSOFT##SSEE.  It failed to connect.  Ok, now what?


After a quick “binging” of the web, I found this link, on which Mitch H commented the following:

Begin quote

...or put
as the server name.

End quote

In SQL Server Management Studio’s “Connect to Server” dialog, I entered just that in the “Server name” drop-down list and connected without a problem.  Now if only truncating the log would have solved my problems…