SharePoint Saturday Phoenix 2014

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I'm speaking at SharePoint Saturday in Phoenix in just a few short days.  We're at ASU!  I'm excited to check it out as I've never been over there.  My wife and I packed up our lives and moved out to Phoenix in May, so there are several things we need to do yet.  In any case, to register and see details for the event, visit the SPSEvents site here:

My session will be covering PowerShell for Office 365, which is a topic that's becoming more and more relevant in SharePoint projects as companies migrate all or part of their sites to SharePoint Online.  It's interesting to see an Office 365 session at a SharePoint Saturday, but that's the way things are moving.  It's not enough to know SharePoint on-prem anymore.  You need to know it online, too.  Since it's one feature of Office 365, you end up being better at what you do if you know a thing or two about Office 365 management.

If you specialize in SharePoint, it's likely that you'll eventually run into something in SharePoint Online.  Having the skills to support the tool is necessary and I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see more Office 365 topics at SharePoint Saturdays.  Supporting this, consider the yearly SharePoint Conference being merged with others to form the Microsoft Ignite conference.  We've just gone from 3-4 days in one technology to a full five days spanning several...most of which are currently in Office 365...and I'd be willing to bet the rest move that direction as well.

I hope to see you there!