Phoenix Office 365 User Group

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I’m working on starting up the Phoenix Office 365 User Group.  As implied, this will be a user group in Phoenix with a focus on all the wonderful things that make up Office 365!

I’d like to point out that this user group has never met and is still just a concept in my head, but I’m working on building out collateral and nailing down the logistics.  That said, if you’re in the Phoenix area and think you might be interested in attending sessions, I’d love your input on where, when, and how often we should meet.  Additionally, if there are any particular topics you’d like to learn about or if you’d like to speak, let me know! 

Until this user group takes off, chances are that we’ll meet at the Catapult Systems in Phoenix once per month, starting in late August or September.  Everything is subject to change, but we’ll get it all figured out before too long. 

I’m excited about unifying the Office 365 community in Phoenix!

Have input?  Reach out to me directly: 

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Visit the group’s Microsoft Azure website (Office 365 site coming soon):  Phoenix Office 365 User Group