InfoPath 2010: Creating a Printer-Ready View of a Form That Contains Multiple Views

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First, I have to say that it’s great to be back in the world of consulting.  I spent the last year and a half in instructor mode and while I learned all about SharePoint 2010, I wasn’t able to apply any of this knowledge to real-world problems as often as I would have liked.  Well, on with the post…

I’ve had to spent the last few hours of my life learning something new about InfoPath 2010.  I had a customer asking how to print a form that had multiple views and I just hadn’t ever done it myself.  It’s ridiculously easy though.  After coming across this article on and familiarizing myself with the client’s form and SharePoint site, I had fixed all of their form issues.

It’s usually helpful to know what the specific issues were and how they were fixed, so here’s that list for you.

  • When printing multiple views, the views were not being properly separated by a page break.

  • I created a new view that I named "Print."  I copied the content from each of the other views to this new "Print" view and inserted the page breaks where appropriate.

  • CTRL+A is the fastest way to "Select All" content within a view

  • CTRL+C is the fastest way to "Copy"

  • CTRL+V is the fastest way to "Paste"

  • When printed, multi-line textbox fields were not automatically expanded, meaning that you couldn’t see all of the data on a printed copy of the form.

      • Within the "Print" view:  in the properties of each multi-line textbox, click the "Align" button to set the "Height" property to "auto."

  • Doing this in the "Print" view allows these fields to display properly while a user is filling out the form, but expands them automatically when the form is printed.

  • When printed, the right margin extended out too far and caused the form to be cut off.

      1. Within the "Print" view, simply adjust the margins of the page in the "Page Setup" dialog that’s available from the "Page Design" tab of the ribbon.

  • That’s it.  Making some simple changes to the form helped solve a client’s issue.